How to Save Flash Files by Google Chrome

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It is known to us that we could easily download SWF Videos when watching them on Firefox, with the help of browser extension named as “Download Flash and Video”, which also enables you download videos from YouTube, Facebook, My Space and other video websites.

However, this would be not that easy for people using Google Chrome, with little computer knowledge observed. Because there is not specific plug in they could take for reference, though Chrome is more and more widely accepted by users. And the tutorial is dedicating to show you how to save flash files by some simple steps without any complicated settings or third party programs.

The Step by Step User Guide:

Step 1: Open the Flash video webpage in which you want to download a swf file.

Step 2: Click the “Ctrl” and “U” to view the page source, or right-click on the page and select the “view page source”, now you will find the source of this flash video webpage.

Step 3: Click the “Ctrl” and “F” to open the find box on the top right corner. And type “.swf” (without quotes), look for the flash video address-the URL which is ending with “.swf”.

Step 4: Right-click on the URL and select “save as”, now you can save the swf file in the local.

By the way introduced above, we could easily download swf files on chrome. But it has some limitations. We need to do this process many times if we have many swf files needed to download. And What’s more, the downloaded swf files could not be easily viewed on your applications or portable devices, considering the compatibility. Actually we could download and convert swf files or do one of them by just one step if needed. Taking MP4 Video format for example, the article shows you how to convert swf to mp4, including local and online swf files. This may be an alternative suggested above.

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We need to do this process many times if we have many swf files needed to download.

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